new life

Well, today as i was enjoying the normal life of a teenager with a day off from school  wich entails eating bad, loud tv, of course being lazy … since my step dad gets off at four and the time was 2:56 i had some time on my hands sooo what did i do? i decided to watch some youtube videos … when i got a disturbing text message from my mom saying “your
luck has finnaly ran out” now.. my emmediate thought was i didnt know i was lucky.. then she went
on to say … “your teacher called and said you havent been doing your homework”etc she went to state that “we go through this every year, every week” etc. I txted her back that im passing the class.. she went on to question ” how do you know what class im talking about i simply said because im passing every class. the twist and turns of the rollercoaster called life that every teenager goes through… have a nice day


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