The words never said but always felt

As she walks by and says hi.
all i can even fathom to do is say hey.
But then i start to think,  that she might think im gay.
Just because of the way i said hey.
But if not hey then what do i say … do i say hi? But what then.. am i bi?
I simply do not know … it seems as if my true love for her will never show
But regardless of her emotions my love for her will only grow.
And even in the brightest of days my love for her will always glow …. and even with my heart beating soo fuckin fast my love will stay moving fast …and like a gun to my head i felt the blast,
from the back of my head
at once i knew i was dead . Bcuz of the way my heart bleed.  And bcuz of the way my heart no longer sped, but the feeling i had from her not loving me back made me feel dead.. but instead of dead i am alive like a rich basketball wife … im distraught because of the feelings i caught .. and now im sett to watch her
As if i had seen sasquatch scratch his fur… but no longer am i interested in the girl i once invested. And now this has ruined my month my year my week and my day all because of a fuckin hey


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